Actigel, specialized in snacking ranges, thematic and ethnic (halal)


Actigel is a subsidiary of Volatys created in 2005 to meet new consumer trends. Actigel is specialized in snacking, thematic and ethnic products ranges. Actigel works in closer daily cooperation with its customers: wholesaler, semi-wholesaler, franchise (sandwiches, toppings, salad bars, fast foods…) in order to offer proximity and personalization.


Consumer trends change and the nomadic trend has developed during recent years. Actigel has adapted itself to this and offers a wide range of nomadic products and appetizers: products made of poultry and cheese, innovative, cheap, healthy and easy to use.


Halal sector is also in high development and Actigel meets this new and specific consumer need. Actigel offers a complete range of halal products with more than 50 products of raw or cooked poultry from control and certified halal plants.