Our commitments

Quality & Traceability

Since its creation, Volatys has had a very strict quality and traceability policy. We adhere to high production standards and at the same time adapt to the requirements of our customers. We have knowledge and experience that allows us to ensure maximum and constant quality for our products.

  • A managed sector from field to fork: thanks to our rigorous and regular audits, we carefully select our suppliers to guarantee you a product adapted to your needs.
  • A Quality Assurance service: with the help of demanding indicators adapted to each service, we can guarantee a policy of continuous improvement.
  • Impeccable product quality: very strict customer and supplier technical data sheets enable us to comply with your specifications and guarantee health safety.


We are committed to respecting the environment, placing the following objectives at the heart of our priorities:

  • European purchasing policy, to optimise transport and develop European trade
  • Raising employee awareness and providing training in sustainable development approaches (resource management, recycling, wellness, etc.)
  • Continuous search for innovative techniques to limit our environmental impact


Poultry plays a central role in our diet. It plays a predominant role by providing a high protein intake for a low-fat content. Its low sodium content also makes it a food recommended for health. Volatys is constantly working on the development of controlled recipes, making sure that the following points are respected:

  • Limiting fat intake
  • Preferring natural aromas
  • Limiting additives
  • Total transparency with the end consumer

Our aim is to guarantee our products’ benefits for the end consumer. We continuously analyse our recipes with organoleptic tests, inspection plans and bacteriological analyses to guarantee you a healthy and balanced product.


With changing consumption patterns and new trends on the market, innovation is crucial for the future of the company. Our desire to guidance and support the evolution of consumption patterns involves developing new recipes and creating new products.

Our close collaboration with our partners enables us to be aware of current trends on the European market and to anticipate the changing needs of consumers. Our curiosity and our permanent search for new ideas allow us to offer you exclusive innovative products.

Trust and customer satisfaction

Since our creation, we have been able to build a relationship of trust with our partners. The proximity with our suppliers allows us to work closely with their Research & Development departments. Our human, responsible and sustainable values enable us to guarantee you personalised solutions adapted to your requirements.

Our customers are for us real actors within the company. We strive to improve on a daily basis in order to guarantee you the greatest satisfaction. All our teams are at your side to provide you with our expertise and solutions.

IFS Broker

Volatys has held IFS Broker (International Food Standard Broker) certification since 2016. This certification ensures the quality and safety of the products, by developing a link between production and distribution. We carry out numerous inspections and audits in order to assess and improve our performance. Each department is committed and grounded in this approach in order to answer your questions and satisfy you on a daily basis.