Our group

A word from management

Volatys, a creative, inspired and relevant company.

As food industry enthusiasts and experts, our main objective is to develop a lasting partnership with our customers and our industrial service providers.

Volatys is equipped with a high-performance system and controls the entire manufacturing process, from supplier listing to end customer (traceability, international logistics, storage, preparation, distribution).

Today, the company is one of the major players in poultry imports in France and Europe. Volatys‘ managers have applied their international know-how to ensure rigour, reliability, and impeccable quality of service.

Always on the alert, we closely monitor trends and continually innovate to offer our customers choice, taste and new culinary experiences!

The management

Our history

  • 2003 : Created Volatys
  • 2006 : Acquired Actigel
  • 2013 : Created the Délices & Chefs and Délices & Snacks brands
  • 2014 : Acquired a storage site (creation of Volatys Industries Picking Center)
  • 2015 : Obtained our first IFS certification
  • 2018 : Created the Délices & Bio and Délices & Gastronomie brands
  • 2019 : Modernised IT management tools

Our values

Impeccable products

  • One set of specifications per client
  • Constant monitoring of new products and market trends for ever more innovative products
  • Choice of origins according to the requirements of each customer
  • Continuous improvement of our recipes

Search for the best product at the best price

  • Competitive prices to reach a wide customer base
  • Price consistency

A close relationship with our suppliers and customers

  • Customised order preparation via our picking site
  • Daily monitoring of customer orders
  • Inclusion of customer feedback with a view to continuous improvement

Our team

Volatys’ managers have worked for many years in various agri-food groups, where they gained experience in international trade, import-export, production, research and development, and supply chain management.

When the company was created, the managers put together a team of qualified, motivated and efficient experts attentive to your expectations, for an optimised partnership adapted to your needs.