Snacking: a dynamic world responding to new consumer demands

Delicious nibbles that can be eaten at any time of the day, the snack bar has invaded our restaurants. Natural and made with noble ingredients, Be Snacking has revived a range of premium appetizers at the heart of the trend.

On the cheese section, authentic flavours have been revisited. Seasonal vegetables in original format, nutritious bites with lots of taste.

With this range, you will be able to surf the snacking wave by discovering our products that will delight your customers.

Be snacking definitely has it all!

New: Fingers in the spotlight. Finger American Style and Finger Cornflakes

Extra crispy chicken fingers with corn flakes. These hand-cut chicken fillet strips are perfect for dipping in your favourite sauce.

Combined with nomad catering, these spicy breaded chicken fingers or cornflakes are the perfect answer to the new nomadic trends: ideal in salads, wrap, tacos… Generously breaded or cornflakes and deliciously spicy, these ultra-gourmet chicken tenders will make you crunch with pleasure!

Tribute to cheese at Be Snacking

Cheese is a key ingredient in any self-respecting snack. Be snacking has selected the creamiest and trendiest for you.

  • The premium breaded Camembert: If Camembert has always made people happy, it conquers all palates in mini breaded Camembert. Creamy and intense, it will please all cheese lovers.
  • The premium breaded goat’s cheese: A real slice of goat’s cheese covered with a crispy breading. This is the secret of this breaded goat’s cheese slice which will sublimate your recipes.

Appetizers range: bites to share

To be shared with friends or family, appetizers are the reference for snaking.

Enjoy our appetizers range by bringing a nomadic solution to poultry breads and cheese snacks, to be enjoyed at your fingertips. These snacks come in the form of mini-bites, packaged in 1 kg or 750 grams bags.

Enjoy these little bites to be eaten on the go that will delight all ages.