Volatys is committed to mastering its lines

As a company, Volatys highly values its corporate policy, including partnership and animal care.

We visit our suppliers in France and Europe on a regular basis to ensure that they share our values and commitments.

Continual visits are organised by the purchasing and quality departments on the farms. It allows to audit our listed poultry suppliers, so as to check out their expertise and adequacy with Volatys’s requirements.

Visite dans les élevages - Volatys

A permanent control

These visits allow us to control the farms and thus ensure the welfare of the poultry through:

Quality tools are available on site to manage the buildings and guarantee good living conditions for animals.

Impeccable hygiene thanks to procedures of protection against bacteria coming from outside our site.

Contrôle des élevages - Volatys

Bien-être animal - Volatys

Animal welfare: infrastructure and equipment are made available for poultry so that they can live in the best conditions (continuous food, natural light, perches, etc.).

Traceability: poultry monitoring (record of everything that has been prescribed and done on batches: care, bacteriological results), identification of buildings and farmers throughout the process.

Full traceability from egg to plate!

Our aim is to have full control of the sector. The objective: to guarantee our customers a perfect control of our tools and processes for validating our suppliers.

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