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LFA, Alimentaria, S&S Show… a year full of meetings!

Be Snacking revisits its Mini Camembert recipe for even more flavour!

With a new recipe featuring authentic French Camembert and a delicious, crispy breading made from puffed rice, Be Snacking is revisiting its breaded mini Camembert: a trend that’s fun, balanced and reminiscent of local produce.

Both tasty and healthy, this new small portion can be enjoyed as an aperitif or afterworksnack, in hot dipper boards. Available soon!

Customer satisfaction: a priority for Volatys

American food in the spotlight!

Crispy tender : american food

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To keep pace the change of consumer habits, the bakery market is constantly evolving. As an artisan baker, do you want to be able to meet the new demands of your customers?

Discover our simple and effective solutions for catering, bakery and snacking industries. In tune with user constraints and new consumer trends, we bring you ever more innovative solutions.

The range

Délices & Snacks presents its range of cooked roasted chicken cuts!

Ideal for your culinary preparations, our chicken range is perfectly suited to your core business thanks to its 100% home-made flavour, tender, smooth texture and attractive roasted appearance.

Our roast cuts can be eaten both hot and cold in salads, wraps, sandwiches or ready meals… A multitude of uses for every taste!

The cooked roasted chicken cuts - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

Roasted cooked chicken breast fillet

Roasted cooked chicken breast fillet - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

Our cooked roasted chicken breast fillets are rigorously selected, boneless, skinless without inner fillet for quick and easy preparation.

Simple and tasty, this whole muscle looks roasted just like at home.

Ideal for tailor-made cuts, chicken fillet can be diced, or sliced for a very personal touch.

Calibrated for totally controlled portion costs, this fillet is available in a wide choice of sizes.

Packaging: 1 kg and 2,5 kg bags
Multiple codes available
IQF freezing

Roasted cooked chicken inner fillet

A noble cut par excellence, the inner fillet is a tender, flavoursome part of the chicken.

All our products are made with carefully selected quality ingredients, simplifying the recipes as much as possible. Our delicious roasted chicken inner fillet offers an unrivalled taste experience.

Prepared with care and roasted to perfection, these inner fillets are ideal for all your preparations.

Roasted cooked chicken inner fillet - VOLATYS

Packaging: 1 kg bags
Product code:  10604-RTSH
IQF freezing

Roasted cooked chicken fillet slices

Roasted cooked chicken fillet slices - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

Make your recipes even more delicious with slices of cooked roast chicken fillet!

These handy little slices of roast chicken will save you time.

Lightly browned for a great cooked roast flavour, these thin, even slices of 100% chicken fillet have a regular cut that’s perfect for a variety of uses.

These slices have been cut from real roast chicken fillets to maintain a “home-made” appearance for an inimitable taste and flavour.

Packaging: 1 kg bags
Product code:  10432-RH
IQF freezing

Bag - Roasted cooked chicken fillet slices - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

Roasted chicken strips

Easy to assemble, our snacking solutions, plain or marinated, can be adapted to any sandwich or salad recipe, hot or cold.

Our references ensure a pleasant texture, a beautiful sandwich cover and exotic tastes appreciated by all.

Quick to prepare, sliced chicken means you can keep your portion costs under control for all your snacking ideas: sandwiches, paninis, salads, tarts, quiches, pizzas and wraps.

Roasted chicken breast fillet strips

Roasted chicken breast fillet strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

A market leader and a must for all snacking dishes.

Made from 100% chicken fillet, these strips perfectly respect the organoleptic qualities of roasted chicken breast fillet.

Volatys puts nutrition at the heart of its concerns to offer you healthy recipes that are as tasty as ever.

Because your recipes deserve the best, we’ve developed a healthy product, low in fat and sugar, that combines pleasure and health.

Packaging: 1 kg or 2,5 kg bags (neutral bag)
Product codes: 10420-RH and 10412-RH
IQF freezing

Bag - Roasted chicken breast fillet strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

Marinated chicken strips

Curry marinated chicken strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS
Kebab marinated chicken strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS
Tex-Mex marinated chicken strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

At Délices & Snacks, we like to travel and discover new flavours. Our marinated chicken strips come in Oriental, Mexican or Indian versions… Flavours, kebab, tex-mex and curry for added creativity… Marinades that seduce with their balanced and authentic taste and cover all consumer profiles. They’ll be the perfect allies for your culinary creativity, so you’ll be sure to tempt any gourmet!

Quick and easy to prepare in the oven, microwave or simply defrost in the refrigerator. IQF frozen cooked slices for easy stock management and use.

Packaging: 1 kg bags
Product codes: 10428-RH, 10415-RH, 10419-RH
IQF freezing

Bag - Curry marinated chicken strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS
Bag -Tex-Mex marinated chicken strips - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS
Sachet - Émincés de poulet tex-mex - Délices & Snacks - VOLATYS

Need to renew your snacking offer?

Cheese is the key ingredient of any self-respecting snack.

Think outside the box and innovate your menus by offering products that will delight your customers. The Be Snacking range responds perfectly to the new food consumption trends and will seduce them!

The Be Snacking range: what counts is to make you crack!

Be Snacking boosts your snacking offer and transforms the meal break into a moment of pleasure! Discover our authentic, gourmet and ultra-crispy recipes for tasty moments, full of conviviality.


Gourmets of all kinds have varied requirements: Be Snacking offers you flexible and alternative solutions to satisfy each of your customers!

A varied selection of recipes based on gourmet cheeses, authentic flavours revisited to satisfy all tastes. A complete range to satisfy your customers in search of food diversity.

Same method of restitution, no disorganisation in the kitchen. For optimum quality, we recommend that you use the deep fryer for restitution: crispy breadcrumbs and a melting centre guaranteed on all the products in our range!

Discover the range!

The trend on your menus

New generation, new taste pleasures

We are pleased to see our Be Snacking range growing. Enjoy the newcomers: the Chili Cheese Nuggets and the Mac & Cheese. These spicy bites will literally make you fall in love!

Mac & Cheese: American Style at your fingertips

Recruit more customers with this delicious new alternative!

Famous throughout the world, Mac & Cheese is a real institution in the United States. It’s America’s favourite dish.

Be snacking continues its globetrotting journey and popularises this famous dish in a finger food version for a surprising taste in the mouth.

The meeting of an al dente macaroni and an authentic melting cheddar cheese.

A homemade touch with a gourmet texture, lightly spiced and covered with a crunchy breading.



This original signature can be enjoyed on a plate, on a board, in a cone or as tapas.

An American Way of Life concept soon available!

Product code: 11077-ES
Packaging: 500g bag
Freezing: IQF


Chili cheese Nuggets: discover our new great idea!


This melt-in-your-mouth nugget is generously topped with a creamy, authentic cheddar cheese with incredible green chilli flakes.

With a greedy texture and a spicy taste, this trendy veggie and cheese alternative is coated with a crunchy breading for crunchy pleasure!

A perfect bite for snacking and tapas!

Product code: 11076-ES
Packaging: 750g bag
Freezing: IQF


Finger mozzarella: a snacking classic

These sticks, made of real mozzarella coated with a golden breading, offer a familiar, soft and delicate taste, appreciated all over the world. Its mozzarella with its incomparable elasticity is a real gain in quality.

Soft and crunchy sticks: an appetizing sure thing that will fit perfectly in your starters, salads or on your sharing boards.


This snacking classic is a must-have. It is definitely the one that will satisfy the greatest number of people!

Product code: 11014-ES
Packaging: 1 Kg bag
Freezing: IQF


Mini camembert: the French touch


A trendy product, it is ideal on an appetizer board.

Product code: 11074-ES
Packaging: 750g bag
Freezing: IQF

Famous French cheese icon, Camembert is a monument of French gastronomy.

As the most popular cheese in France, Be Snacking had to create a tasty snack with a home-made taste.

A generous heart of cheese and a crunchy and qualitative breading for a greedy and differentiating result. Its creaminess and its good taste of melted Camembert make it a snack of choice on your menus.


Mini brie: all the know-how of our regions

Brie is one of the oldest French cheeses and a staple on French tables.

We pay tribute to it with a trendy snacking product. Find all the creaminess and taste of Brie cheese in golden bites with a generous centre and an incomparable crispy breading.

This must-have product combines the know-how of our regions with current snacking trends to appeal to young and old alike.

Product code: 11089-ES
Packaging: 1 Kg bag
Freezing: IQF


The goat’s cheese medallion: a must have snack


An original alternative to hot goat’s cheese, these golden, calibrated portion are made up of a generous heart of fresh, melting goat’s cheese and a crunchy breading for a gourmet and comforting result.

Processed in France with the greatest care, these breaded goat medallions combine tradition, technology and French know-how for an exceptional taste!

They can be used in a wide variety of ways: as an aperitif, as a starter, in a salad or in a wrap…


Product code: 11101-EN
Packaging: 800g bag
Freezing: IQF

Breaded Jalapeños: caliente Mexican recipes!


Originally from Mexico, jalapeños are large, slightly hot green or red peppers. We have developed two tasty recipes for breaded snacks that combine jalapeño and cheese for a spicy and delicious taste:

Breaded green Jalapeño

A green jalapeño chilli loaded with melted cheddar cheese and coated in a light, crispy breading.


Product code: 11069-ES
Packaging: 750g bag
Freezing: IQF


Breaded red Jalapeño

A red jalapeño pepper topped with a tasty and mild cream cheese, covered with a thin, crispy breading.


Product code: 11072-ES
Packaging: 1 Kg bag
Freezing: IQF

Lightly spiced, these golden bites will transport your menu to the heat of the tropics.

So, have you made your choice?

Tic tac tic tac… A real innovation for september!

Do you know the Mac & Cheese?

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est Mac-Cheese-Be-Snacking-Volatys-1024x683.jpg.

Be snacking continues its globe-trotting journey and revisits this famous American dish as a finger food

A new ultra gourmet recipe that your customers will love! 

Available in September, mark your calendars!

Light on our range

The magazine “Le monde des boulangers et des pâtissiers”, specialized in mass, commercial and snacking catering, has published its new June issue.

Volatys is part of an external communication process with this partner, illustrated by two nice highlights: 

– an advertising insert with a selection of our products dedicated to the snacking bakery

– an article dedicated to our delicious Be Snacking breaded goat cheese medallion.
Délices & Snacks has a range of products adapted to the preparation of sandwiches (slices, slices, etc.).
The hot snacking to take away offer is also developing in bakery. 

With its experience and its range, Délices & Snacks adapts to the needs of your customers by proposing a range in adequacy and dedicated to this trade.

A strengthened sales team


“I wanted to change my job and Volatys was an interesting project for me. There is a link with my previous job and I really liked how the company was presented to me, which is very young and dynamic.”

Salesperson assistant

“I chose to join Volatys for the challenge, to discover a new field of activity, to enrich my knowledge and professional skills and also for the company culture.”


“I chose Volatys because the agri-food sector (especially poultry) is a sector that particularly interested me. It is the one that stimulates me the most in the field of sales. With the internal training offered by the company, I was able to adapt quickly to my new position.”

The burger’s reign

85% of restaurants in France offer an hamburger on their menu. 80% of them have made it one of the best selling products on their tables. Who could have imagined such a craze?

This last years, whether it’s gourmet or healthy, the recipe of this sandwich made in USA has been adopted by the whole world, from the fast-food restaurant to the starred establishment.

To each his own Délices & Snacks burger

Do you need to renew your offer? Take your inspiration from our various alternatives and adapt your menu to offer ever more innovative and tasty dishes!


The burgers Délices & Snacks range is distinguished by the use of noble raw materials and by a great proximity with a constantly evolving market.

Our curiosity and our constent search for innovation allow us to stand out with Fast Good burgers : the new premium snacking. Goodness, taste, quality and delicacy, that’s the DNA of Délices & Snacks!

The corn-flakes burger: the big winner of the burger podium

Give our cornflake breaded chicken fillet burger a prominent place on your menu.


This snacking must-have, with chicken fillet covered with extra crispy cornflake breading is a delicious alternative to traditional beef steak. A tailor-made recipe for your menus!

There is no shortage of ideas for cooking this cornflake burger: it will please everyone, young and old, gourmets and gourmands!

The best of chicken for a product to crunch… This bestseller, king of the well-made burger, will make your customers crack with pleasure!


Product code: 11087-PLH

Packaging: 5 x 1 kg

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

The maxi burger : a real success story


A must-have snacking product, this 120g burger will satisfy even the hungriest of appetites.

Generous and tasty, its deliciously tender 100% chicken fillet meat and crunchy breading make it the product of choice for all your recipes.  Optimal taste with good sensations.

New recipe: completely reinvent the hamburger with an original recipe to be found on the back of our new bag: the chicken burger with camembert and honey. A real treat!

The new packaging is scheduled for release in June, so mark your calendars!


Product code : 11084-PLH

Packaging: 5 x 1,08 kg

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

Veggy burger: engage with our evolution 2.0 burger!

Today, 34% of French consumers declare themselves flexitarians. To adapt to the evolution of consumption patterns, we offer you a delicious vegetarian alternative. Guaranteed success on your menus!


Made from an original blend, rich in vegetables (carrots, salsify, onions, potatoes, parsley, garlic, basil…) and cereals (wheat, rice, rye, barley), the veggy burger is a delicious alternative to the classic snack foods.

With its authentic taste and real vegetable pieces, this vegetable product will appeal to all customers looking for dietary diversity, from meat lovers to vegetarians.

Available in 3 sizes: 70g, 100g and 120g, it adapts to all your recipes.


Products codes / Packaging:

11114-FR –> 5 x 0.980 g
11112-FR –> 5 x 1 kg
11113-FR –> 5 x 0,960 g

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

Our Délices & Snacks burgers have a long way to go, that’s for sure. So which one is right for you?

As a company, Volatys highly values its corporate policy, including partnership and animal care.

We visit our suppliers in France and Europe on a regular basis to ensure that they share our values and commitments.

Continual visits are organised by the purchasing and quality departments on the farms. It allows to audit our listed poultry suppliers, so as to check out their expertise and adequacy with Volatys’s requirements.

Visite dans les élevages - Volatys

A permanent control

These visits allow us to control the farms and thus ensure the welfare of the poultry through:

Quality tools are available on site to manage the buildings and guarantee good living conditions for animals.

Impeccable hygiene thanks to procedures of protection against bacteria coming from outside our site.

Contrôle des élevages - Volatys

Bien-être animal - Volatys

Animal welfare: infrastructure and equipment are made available for poultry so that they can live in the best conditions (continuous food, natural light, perches, etc.).

Traceability: poultry monitoring (record of everything that has been prescribed and done on batches: care, bacteriological results), identification of buildings and farmers throughout the process.

Full traceability from egg to plate!

Our aim is to have full control of the sector. The objective: to guarantee our customers a perfect control of our tools and processes for validating our suppliers.

To keep up with all our news, see the links to our networks:


A foretaste… beautiful surprises await you !

Spicy breaded chicken wingo's American Style - Délices & Snacks - Volatys

Spicy breaded chicken wingo’s

The American Style range is growing: the spicy breaded chicken wingo’s will join this range very soon.

In line with the other products in the range, the bag is adapted to the European market with an impactful design in the American Style colors… something to attract your customers !

Corn-Flakes chicken breast fillet burger - Délices & Snacks - Volatys

Corn-flakes chicken breast fillet burger

Volatys revisits the design of a leading product: the cornflakes breaded chicken fillet burger.

An attractive, qualitative visual, taking into account the European market and a maximum of useful information. Once again, a real success story !

Releases planned for early spring. In your diaries!

New arrival in the quality team

We have just welcomed our new QSE manager (quality, safety, environment)



Salima has many years of experience in the food industry, especially in the poultry and fruit-based desserts sector.

When she joined Volatys, she was seduced by the importance that the company gives to the quality service, she even uses the term “corner stone of the company”.

Salima immediately noticed Volatys’ desire to make customer satisfaction a priority.

Welcome to Volatys Salima !

Follow us on LinkedIn !

Follow us on LinkedIn

In 2022, Volatys is partnering with LinkedIn, a major social network. A selection of regular and varied publications just for you!

A significant customer benefit with bi-weekly publications on our news, products, events and company life…

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn more about Volatys and follow us on LinkedIn !

Soon back on the terraces!

As the sun slowly reappears and the beginning of spring approaches, appetizer boards will soon take back their place on terraces tables.

A desire to meet at the end of the day for a pleasant moment ? Whether it’s with colleagues, friends or family, these sharing moments are real opportunities for you, restorers and snacking brands.

Breaded goat cheese medallion : a new bag very attractive

Breaded goat medallion, a new bag very attractive - Be Snacking - Volatys

For the occasion, the breaded goat cheese medallion evolves in a Be Snacking bag in a new packaging of 8x600g.

A smaller and less heavy container, more practical and easier to store, better suited to professionals.

Its qualitative and attractive colored visual take the European market. Find a maximum of useful information for a guaranteed success!

A snacking must have

These calibrated golden pucks are made with a generous heart of fresh melting goat cheese and a crispy bread for a gourmand and comforting result.

Easy and quick to prepare for delicious bites, in the oven, in the fryer or in the pan.

Breaded goat cheese medallion - A snacking must have - Be Snacking - Volatys

Made in France with the utmost attention, these breaded goat cheese medallions combine tradition, technologie and French know-how for an exceptionnel taste!

This original alternative of hot goat cheese can be use in a wide variety of ways : as an appetizer, a starter, in a salad or in a wrap…

Product code : 11100-FR ➔ 11101-FR
Packaging : 5x1kg ➔ 8x600g

A trendy Appetizer !

Innovate your menus while proposing original appetizer boards different from the classic cheese and meat board. Finger food boards are in the heart of the trend and will give you the same success!

A trendy Appetizer - Volatys

Composed of dipper bites, these appetizer boards allows to nibble in all conviviality, with our fingers along. Accompany them with a selection of sauces of your choice!

Don’t hesitate to think outside the box by offering complete and diversified boards with our selection of products : mini camembert, mozzarella cheese, marinated chicken wings, spicy breaded finger…

What is a chicken inner fillet?

The inner fillet is the most tender part of the chicken. Very popular, it is a fine, tasty piece of meat. Inner fillet have a very interesting lipid profile from a nutritional point of view, making them ideal for a balanced meal.

Délices & Snacks reinvents the chicken fillet in a coated version for even more deliciousness!

Summer time with Délices & Snacks inner fillet

100% whole muscle, our chicken inner fillet are made with a generous, fibrous fillet and coated in a tasty crispy breading.

Délices & Snacks offers a range of different coatings for its inner fillet : crispy breaded, extra crispy with cornflakes, natural with multigrain or spicy American Style… an ultra-crispy festival of pleasure.

What’s important is to innovate when it comes to indulgence !

Because your customers are always hungry for new flavours, Délices & Snacks is reinventing snacking with a selection of chicken inner fillet… A real success with our customers, this range is a must for your menus. They add a crunchy touch to meals and are a big hit with finger foods.

The range has everything to please, so go and discover it !

Chicken inner fillet range - Délices & Snackks - VOLATYS

A range of inner fillet for all your uses

Délices & Snacks makes cooking easier with products that are quick and easy to use in the deep fryer, oven or pan.

A range to suit all your uses: as a hot or cold dish, in healthy or gourmet menus, for traditional or fast food, to share or not … anything is possible with our Délices & Snacks chicken inner fillet.

Ideal for your summer menus, to dress up your salads… or to slip deliciously into your wraps, discover our recommendations for use for all tastes!

Délices & Snacks chicken inner fillet range - VOLATYS

Breaded chicken inner fillet: crispy

Succumb to this tasty and generous version that will enhance your culinary creativity.

Its natural, crispy breading and beautiful golden colour promise a gourmet result.

This breaded chicken inner fillet is a real must-have on your menu.

Product code: 11010
Packaging: 5 x 1 kg
Freezing: IQF

Breaded chicken inner fillet - Délices & snacks -  Volatys

Cornflakes breaded chicken inner fillet: a must-try

Cornflakes breaded chicken inner fillet - Délices & snacks -  Volatys

Covered in its famous yellow packaging like the cornflakes, design and ultra-colourful, the leader of our range, the crunchy tender of breaded chicken stands out by its delicious ultra-crispy cornflakes breading.

A very appetising and original sure thing, at the heart of the finger food trend, which wins the race for deliciousness hands down !

Product code: 11075
Packaging: 5 x 1 kg
Freezing: IQF

Chicken inner fillet multigrains: the trendy

The perfect balance between tender, soft flesh and an intense coating rich in roasted seeds (oat flakes, linseed, sunflower, amaranth, chia).

100% wholemeal, this trendy product is revolutionising the snacking world with its naturalness, tenderness and unique taste.

As irresistible as it is surprising, its original breading will appeal to all customers looking for naturalness!

Product code: 11134-PLH
Packaging: 5 x 1 kg
Freezing: IQF

Chicken inner fillet multigrains - Délices & snacks -  Volatys

Spicy breaded tender: American Style

Spicy breaded tender American Style - Délices & snacks - Volatys

If you’re looking for something special, the American Style range offers you its spicy breaded chicken tenders : chicken inner fillet coated in a tenderly spiced, extra crispy breading that combines quality and indulgence.

To be enjoyed and shared without moderation!

Product code: 11151-PLH
Packaging: 5 x 1 kg
Freezing: IQF

Work in progress…

Délices & Snacks has nothing to envy from the other major restaurant chains! As proof, the brand is developing its brand new ultra-trendy flaky breading to complete the American Style range. Puff pastry, spices, ultra-tasty chicken, as crispy as you like… Guaranteed success!

Rest assured, this innovation will live up to all its promises!

So, have you made your choice? Don’t wait any longer, order your favourite products!

Be Snacking is innovating with a new, original and ultra tasty veggy product!

Be snacking, the party food experts, are once again deploying their know-how with a new theme: a combination of small vegetable pieces of and creamy cheese for an ultra-melting centre coated in a crispy batter.

Veggie and cheesy nuggets - Be Snacking - Party Food - VOLATYS

This combination offers a premium snacking experience: a 20g bite with noble ingredients for inventive, high-quality culinary exploration.

Veggie and cheesy nuggets - Be Snacking - Party Food - VOLATYS

new vegetable and cheese alternative for your menus, adapted to new market trends, perfect for snacking and tapas. Trendy street food creations!

Designed to simplify the everyday life of professional chefs. Already cooked, it’s quick and easy to use in the deep fryer, oven or frying pan, as you wish.

To try it is to adopt it!

To follow our news:

Appetizer in the spotlight!

 The first rays of sunshine and aperitifs on the terrace have arrived! For this occasion, our appetizer range “Food Party” is making a comeback.

A range consistued of breaded dipper cheeses, chicken fingers, spicy American Style breaded chicken wings and many other products, all as good much as each other.

Complete your menu with appetizer products that are quick and easy to prepare. This range is the ideal option for a convivial moment with family and friends.

Be Snacking unveils the new Mini Brie bag

Taste is the first reason why consumers like cheese.

A must-have, the Mini Brie reveals all the creaminess and taste of Brie cheese in golden bites with a generous centre and an incomparable crispy breading!

Be Snacking innovates with a new bag with a colourful and trendy design for a better visual appeal and a maximum of useful information on the bag!

Its new packaging in a 500 g bag is adapted to professionals for greater practicality and good cost control.

A real success story to come… Coming soon…

New bag Mini brie - Volatys

Délices €co expands its range with chicken nuggets

Volatys has launched its new €co range. After the release of the cordon bleu, the nuggets are now part of the range!

Whether they are breaded or battered, these two classics of commercial and institutional catering are turning to €co: the combination of good tasteconvenience and economy.

Aimed at a wider and more diverse audience, these nuggets with chicken fillet are tasty, easy to prepare and offer a wide choice to diversify your menus: children’s menu, main course, salad, tapas …

Breaded chicken nuggets

The essential breaded nugget has a crispy breading and a soft centre for a guaranteed success with young and old.

Breaded chicken nuggets
Battered chicken nuggets

Battered chicken nuggets

Another classic, the battered nuggets is characterised by its crispy coating and soft, tasty centre.

Volatys strengthens its presence at trade fairs specialising in foodservice

Trade fairs - Volatys

March and April were an eventful period where our sales team met with many regional and national partners…

These moments, very much appreciated by our teams, allow us to:

– to set up a close cooperation for our customers,

– to complete your range of Délices & Snacks, Be Snacking and other products in order to be as close as possible to the latest trends in prepared poultry products,

– to accompany and present our latest innovations to our
customers, to have them taste / test.

Direct contact with our downstream partners is part of the genesis of our commercial policy. Our commercial support includes the presence of our teams at trade fairs and the presentation of our know-how to market players.

Volatys continues to strengthen its teams!

In view of the company’s development, new employees have recently joined the sales department in the offices located in Pacé (35).


Key account Manager

“I worked for more than 15 years in the food industry, in the R&D, sales and marketing departments, specialiized in the catering sector with professional caterers. I wanted to work for Volatys because it is a human-sized company with shared values around product quality and customer satisfaction.”

Jérémy - Volatys

Virgile - Volatys


Sales assistant

“I did a STI2D baccalaureate, followed by a BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations. I then worked for 7 years in the restaurant business, mainly as a barman. I chose Volatys for its professionalism and the special attention the company pays to all its customers. Their satisfaction is a priority for the company and an essential value in my opinion.”

To follow all our news:

New year, new projects!

New year 2022 - Volatys

We daily work hard on the development of new products, improvement of our packagings and evolution of our communications tools, while maintaining a flawless product’s quality, a tailored customer service and competitive rates.

For this new year, we commit ourselves on new projects such as:

  • In order to satisfy food lovers, an expansion of the American Style range with our new spicy breaded products to make you drool over,
  • For the international customers, a development of our growth at export and the addition of new languages on our packagings.
  • A bigger presence, on the web, through the press or even on international fairs. This year, we will participate to the Sandwich & Snack Show the 30 and 31 march and at the SIAL as well from the 15th to the 19th October: Two great opportunities to meet you! Save the date!

A continuous improvement of our products’s quality

Product quality - Volatys

Today, the nutritional quality of the food represents one of the most important issues of the public’s health. Besides offering more and more innovative products, the quality of our products is still as a central priority for us. Because your requirements are ours !

Volatys, is always looking for qualitative and premium products and wants to make evolve its recipes in terms of quality. Today, more than 50% of our product’s range are ranked nutri score A or B.

A specific placing on a pallet for a better customer satisfaction!

The satisfaction comes from the quality of our services. Volatys commits to implement everything in order to deliver your products in due form.

Important to know: For the deliveries to your place of full pallet mixed products, we put some corner pieces on pallets to protect angles against impacts and provide a safety transport. We can also put dividers, on request, in order to secure the protection of our products, separate the pallet’s layers and stabilize loads.

Specific placing - Volatys

As a reminder, in 2021, we have invested in better equipment, which allowed us to win efficiency but also to maintain the health of our co-worker.

Flexibility, reactivity and efficiency are the keywords of our logistic team!

Premium chicken nuggets, new recipe !

Premium chicken nuggets - Volatys

Minute info !
Did you know that the nuggets has been marketed for the first time in 1980 ? 42 years later, this unmissable chicken product is still here and our will definitively addict you!

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